Simple Blessings & Thanksgivings

Today was the first “boring” day of walking (not a bad thing). If the last couple of days have been about vineyards, today was about wheat fields. It was like walking through the mid-west but with hills. The sky was grey and I walked the whole day by myself. The solitude and lack of scenery gave me time to think and reflect some..

As those of you know who read yesterday’s post know, I was not in the best of places yesterday (not the physical place – the town was great) the physical and emotional place. My feet really hurt, I was tired, frustrated and I spent a good deal of time limping around town going from one door to the next looking for a place to stay but everywhere was pre-booked, which is unusual up to this point on the camino. The only place with a room was a rather expensive hotel, well outside of the budget I had set for myself. I such a busy city, with so many people, I was feeling pretty lonely. Quite frankly I was depressed and feeling sorry for myself, something I hate.
Priscilla and I have been communicating by wifi texting, which is free, versus calling, which is expensive. But now I pulled out my cell phone and called her. I did not get through and left her a message saying that there was no problem just wanted to say hi. I sat down on a bench and tried to figure out what to do next. Some folks had taken a bus a few days ahead to get some rest, but I did not want to do that unless absolutely the only option – Looking back I must have looked pretty pitiful.
Then the best thing that could have possibly happened – happened – my cell rang and it was Priscilla calling back. I spelled out my dilemma and she told me to check into the hotel, have a nice meal, put my feet up and get some sleep. As usual, I did what I was told.
Priscilla and I have been married for over 26 year and together for something like 34 years and it never ceases to amaze me how much I love her. Relationships are hard. Living with another person can at times feel like a lot of work. Now, while I am probably the easiest person to live with, I can’t say that about everyone. But I can say without a moments hesitation that my life is better because of the people who love me and who I love and I am a better man because of the woman I was lucky and smart enough to marry those many years ago.
And for that I thank God everyday – and if I don’t, I should

6 thoughts on “Simple Blessings & Thanksgivings

  1. Bob,
    Pad your feet, get to an affordable place, take 3 days off, soak your feet in Epsom Salts, and then get underway again.
    Bob Hoffman

  2. Didn’t you feel a bit like Joseph with “no room at the Inn?’ Aren’t you glad you did not have a pregnant woman along too? Glad you found comfort. vaya con dios.

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