Less then 100km to go

Today was a beautiful day for walking, a little hot by the end of day but beautiful nonetheless. 21ish miles of rolling hills and small hamlets (the villages not the Dane or very small pigs 🙄).

Today also marks the 100km mark to Santiago. About 80% of pilgrims only do the last 100km. This changes the character of the walk completely. Where you could walk for hours on some days without seeing another soul the way has become quite crowded, particularly with groups. The energy level has increased as has the noice level. It not a bad thing it just takes some getting used to.

At this point as I come to the end of this walk I know you’re expect some great reflection – well you are just going to have to wait. As of now I am enjoying myself but I am tired.

So here are some picks from the last few days


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