100km to go to Santiago – almost home

from 5/20 but did not post I am posting it now just for the pictures.

Today I reached the point in the Camino that begins the last 100km to Santiago. So 700 down and 100 left to go. At this point a lot changes; since about 80% of all pilgrims walk only the last 100km to road gets much busier from this point on. This comes with the obvious downsides but there are also some positives associated with the increase in walkers. The most obvious for me last time I did this was the change/increase in energy. This is happening non to soon as my energy is waning. I have been gone from home a month as of today and I miss Priscilla, the dogs and friends.

Today’s walk was pretty basic, a few steep inclines and declines (I mean we are in the mountains) but the highlight was two long walks through ancient forests. I wish I had taken some pictures of the trees today but my head was just not into it today.

Here are come pictures from the last couple of days – for those of you who I am Facebook friends with you have seen some of these already.


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