When traveling try something new every day

Yesterday and today I have been walking through the wine region of Bierzo. They have a local dish call botillo here that I have wanted to try. Tonight I got my chance at a little local restaurant known for its wine selection and regional dishes.

Dinner started with a plate of green beans and ham cooked in olive oil followed by the botillo. It is a section of a pigs large intestine stuffed with snout, tail and rib bones with the meat still on them. Heavily spiced (too much salt) with lots of pepper, garlic and tons of paprika smoked and boiled much like haggis. They serve it with great, very spicy chorizo, boiled potatoes and (over cooker) cabbage. A nice local wine, good bread and water makes it perfect.

This is not beginner’s food – serious food for this serious food lover.

4 thoughts on “When traveling try something new every day

  1. The botillo looks interesting. Ron and I are in Scotland, and we have had haggis a few times. Ron had it once, because it was provided, and then I, with my Scottish heritage, have specifically chosen it a few times. The Scottish haggis, at least the ones we have gotten, have been more of the inner meat, without much, or any, of the outer casing.

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