A Very Different Day

Today was a very different day from the last few. While I woke up around 5:30 and started walking before 6 as usual, today I walked alone. It was a short day of only 14 miles, my feet are not doing well. Everything from the ankles on up is doing great – far better than expected. Today I had scheduled a short day because I wanted to visit the Cathedral of Santa Domingo (St. Dominick) and visit his tomb.

20140502-175202.jpg and the chickens living in the Cathedral (google it, it is worth it)


While I did spend quite a bit of time in the Cathedral, I have also checked into a hotel to care for my feet and my ego. Humility is a hard learned lesson and today the Camino and my feet were my teachers. My frustration with my fragility has passed and I am enjoying both the rest and this beautiful city.
Please pray for my journey and know that you are in my prayers.

2 thoughts on “A Very Different Day

  1. Bob, thanks for the photos and dialogue. I really miss being a pilgrim vs. being a tourist. It is a such a great thing to be with others who are seeking and completely open about it. It makes for a wonderful sense of immediate connection and community with others. Sorry about the blisters, they were a tough dynamic for our group, too. If you have to keep pace you can give your feet a break for a few days and catch a ride in a van at each town. If not, park yourself in a nice Refugio and read for a few days until you mend. If they get infected, then it involves antibiotics and a trip to the local infirmary. Lighten your load at a place you know you can get back to, maybe Leon? Moleskin everywhere!!!

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