Somewhere in the middle of Spain

Carrión de Los Conde – One of the realities of the Camino is that you are frequently surrounded by other pilgrims and deeply immersed in the Camino culture and can easily miss the “real” Spain. Don’t get me wrong I genuinely do enjoy most of my fellow pilgrims and the time we spend together. This time together can be sitting at a large communal meal, chatting along the way or very frequently walking silently along side one another deep in ones own thoughts.

Today started like most days. It was cool and sunny and a few of us set off not much after sunrise. We walked for about two hours enjoying each other’s company and conversation. As is typical in the rhythm of the day we stopped for coffee and either a tortilla (Spanish version of quiche but better) or an egg and ham sandwich. The Spanish do love their ham, and for good reason – it’s really good. When we went to settle up with our server one of my walking companions, Tom – a lovely guy from Kent, England, realized he had left his wallet and passport at the albergue where a number of us had stent the night before. He tried to contact the albergue but was unable to get through and after a complete search of his pack a couple of us gave him the money to take a taxi and hopefully collect his stuff. I don’t know if I will ever see Tom again, as is the way of the Camino, but do hope so,. He is a great conversationalist.

The rest of the day involved walking once agin through endless wheat fields and a steady breeze.

Yesterday was a much more interesting walk as the path lead us through a number of really intriguing old towns and past many fascinating old churches.

I started off by saying that we so often miss the “real” Spain on the Camino, but not tonight. As I am waiting for dinner I am sitting in a local bar enjoying a nice glass of Rioja watching (sort of) a bull fight with a bunch of old guys. I must admit, I am glad I am here right now for the experience but I am not really a fan – I mean I like old guys and good red wine but not bull fighting. This is however the “real” rural Spain and I am glad I am here. I took a few pictures of the tv to share but I have decided spare you. In stead I’ll share a very short video I shot today.

As a side not for you who have better things to do than follow my facebook feed – I consulted my watch and in the last 15 days (including 1 rest day) I have walked 262.9 miles which translates into 557,378 steps.

Just before I posted this I continued with my very Spanish evening and I sat down to a dinner of Castilian garlic soup and a pot of rabbit stew. They even used the heart and livers – this is serious eating and it was really good and cheap.


You’re welcome

5 thoughts on “Somewhere in the middle of Spain

  1. Now I’ve seen “waves of grain”. Thank you for sharing your way with us, if not the rabbit stew.

  2. from the video, it looks windy. I feel so sorry for the man without his wallet. Mine was stolen in Moscow, but my travel companions helped me out. I hope he retreives it. Such a helpless feeling.

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