Burgos, a day of rest and lots of walking

Burgos – Spent the last two days in Burgos. It was a planned rest day although I am not sure that I needed it. It however was really nice and time well spent. Burgos is a beautiful city and home to the Burgos Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Castillo de Burgos and the Museum of Human Evolution which is one of the finest archeological and anthropological museums in the world. The reason the museum is located here is that the Atapuerca excavation which is the site of the oldest hominids found in Europe is only a couple of miles away. I had the chance to visit all three places and many more, mostly very old churches.

The other thing Burgos is know for is good food – lets just say I visited many of those sites as well.

Tomorrow begins the Meseta, 10 days of very long walks through flat(ish), dry, hot, massive flocks of sheep and sun soaked wheat fields – as a friend of mine says, “Kansas with lots of old churches and roads built by the Romans.” Pray for me – it is mind numbingly boring.

Here are some pictures from Burgos – Peace

2 thoughts on “Burgos, a day of rest and lots of walking

  1. The NFL will be after you for playing through pain. Good luck with the ailments. Must be hell to get old.

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