A pleasant walk on the wild side (shout out to Lou Reed – great song but nothing like my day)

Stage 5 Puente la Reina to Estella – Today’s walk was really nice. I walked alone most of the time through wheat fields and vineyards. Ran into so folks I had met before and met a few new one. It was a short walk at about 4 ½ hrs and I got into Estrella by lunch. As I was wondering this very old little city I ran into Stefano as he arrived and we checked in together at local monetary that houses pilgrims. It is an old building that has recently been completely redone making for a nice place to lay my head for the evening. I am currently writing this in the garden of the monetary as the sun sets and the air cools – its been a pleasant day.

Today was the last of the shortish days, tomorrow is around 30 km with many more like it to come. So not much to say about today’s walk other then is was very pleasant with a couple of steep goes but mostly rolling hills, lots of flowers and other plants and birds (and of course sheep – always sheep). So instead of rambling on I’ll end with a few pics from the day and a short quiz. First person to identify the tree with the green “fruits/pods” wins.


13 thoughts on “A pleasant walk on the wild side (shout out to Lou Reed – great song but nothing like my day)

  1. lovely scenery and flowers. Have no idea what the fruit tree is, but the leaves look like those of a southern magnolia. I am enjoying your tour and your commentary. Vaya con Dios. Judy

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