A Good Day for a Walk

Today was the perfect weather for a nice walk. It was cool, overcast and dry most of the day. We did get about an hour or so of light rain but not only was it no problem it would have been missed after so many very rainy days.
As we have passed the 100km mark to Santiago the path is becoming much busier. That said, at times today it was quite quiet.
A very large percentage of pilgrims only do the last 100km of the 800km Camino. Tradition provides full pilgrim privileges to those who walk at least the last 100k. Modern schedules have made this a much more attractive and accessible goal for most. I am glad that this provides a piece of this wonderful experience to so many, but I would not trade my 5 weeks and 800km for anything – this time has been a real blessing in many different ways and I will be processing it for some time to come and will never forget it.

I still can’t load the video from the other day, but here are some pictures from today.








7 thoughts on “A Good Day for a Walk

  1. The last 100!!! How exciting.
    Sorry about the health problems. Hopefully most are behind you. I know it will take some time for the feet to heal. See you soon. Anxious to hear your tales.

  2. I can’t believe you have been gone five weeks already! I am glad your experience has been so positive. Cherish your final steps. Taffy

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  3. Can hardly believe you have almost accomplished your goal. I also give thanks that it has been such a positive experience for you. Cherish your remaking steps …

    • You are making me ready to walk the whole thing! Really fun to see the photos. I instead am driving the way of New Jersey up the pike with a truck partly full of my in laws furniture. Only 500 km to go!

  4. OMG can’t wait til you are are all better.Bronchial stuff bad enough in the comfort of your home, shout out from Kate! Ugh! “enjoying” electricity and nebulizer! Wishing you all sorts of positive gains,spirits and a final push to your goa. Wishing you health,peace and comfort for the balance of your journey, and all that travel with you.

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