Quick and Easy – easing back into it

Today we were back on the road after a much appreciated and enjoyed rest day in Leon. Leon is a lovely city with a number of quite good museums, a beautiful cathedral, a bunch of churches (shocking!) and lots of good food.
It was a great day to walk. The weather was perfect, with the sun out and a slight breeze. The path rolled and was not to rocky nor did it spend to much time parallel with any significant roadways. As we began to walk the comment was made that it was nice to be easing back into being on the road. The response was something about how things/we have changed from the first days – when did 23 km become easing back in?
Not a lot to say about my time in Leon other than the day and a half off was a good idea and I saw many beautiful and ancient things while there. We even saw what is said to be (possibly) the Holy Grail.
Here are some pics:











2 thoughts on “Quick and Easy – easing back into it

  1. Bob, I very much enjoy following your progress with stories and pictures from the Road. You have made me laugh out loud describing your night with 89 close and personal friends in the very crowded Hostel, admire the beauty of your pastoral pics and scenes from the villages (and your feet a few times). By the way, I hope by now your feet have improved and “toughened up”. You also warmed my heart with the beautiful tributes you wrote about your wife and your mother. Continue to enjoy your evergrowing Community and time for Reflection.

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