The Best Thing EVER!

Today, I have discovered The Best Thing EVER, but more about that later. Today was a very different day then the ones before. After a rest day in Burgos I was very ready to get back an the road. My body and mind like the city, but my spirit is best in the solitude of the “Way.” And solitude is what I got. I walked all 20 miles by myself in silence (well there was quite a conversation going on in my head and I only a few times spoke to myself out loud – but you know what I mean), I did not run into a many people and no English speakers. The only sounds I heard for the better part of the day were my feet on the path, the wind and the birds – lots of birds. This solitude was interrupted a few time by a simple hola, buenos dias or the ever present buen camino as I passed a fellow pilgrim, was passed or walked though the few villages I went trough.
As I wrote yesterday the area I am now walking in is the Meseta (misspelled it in last post), think highland dessert (mesa) and turn it green and you will get the idea. Hot, featureless and boring.


20 miles of that and 6 more days to go – welcome to my world for now.
This is not a bad thing, lots of time to think and meditate or just see things. It helps you to understand Don Quixote that much better. He wasn’t crazy he had just spent to much time on the Meseta.
That brings me to The Best Thing EVER . I arrived in Hontanas after walking for 7 hrs, 5 in the heat of the day (I started at 6) and checked into a lovely albergue run by a Cuban couple that have restored an old barn and church into a great place to stay (7 euros or $10). After getting settled, laundry and shower, I discovered The Best Thing EVER , a foot bath fed by a ice cold spring.


4 thoughts on “The Best Thing EVER!

  1. I have thus far only hiked the meseta portion of the camino–Burgos to Leon. I was nostalgic for Kansas the whole time: Lots of wheat fields and farming communities. The difference between Kansas and the meseta was that I was walking mostly on roads built by the Romans. And there were tons of medieval churches and beautiful poppies that grow alongside the wheat fields. Last but not least there was a lot of excellent cheap red wine. So Toto, I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. Buen Camino!

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