4/25/14 – supplement: the Pilgrims Mass

Tonight I am staying in Roncesvalles, Spain. This is the traditional starting point of the Camino for the Spanish. Roncesvalles has a huge modern albergue (pilgrams hostel) biult on the grounds of the Church Iglesia de Santa Maria and ancient albergue. They offer a PIlgrams Mass nightly. This service is a pared down Eucharist with Pilgrims blessing at the end.
I went to the mass with a few people i have met while walking. It was nice and there was a good crowd. The mass was presided over by 3 very, very old clergy (read white guys) with little apparent joy for what they were doing. Don’t get me wrong, it was a fine service and I am sure they are great and faithful priests, but all I could think about was the lost opportunity.
Here we are in a large church full of many unchurched and non-believing folks (I watched and you can tell and i spoke with a number after) looking for something. Why else do you go on pilgrimage?
What a great chance to tell The Story – to show what the Good News looks like. Like I said I liked it and was very glad I went, but it made me a little sad.








3 thoughts on “4/25/14 – supplement: the Pilgrims Mass

  1. I’m sure you will be a witness to many you meet along the way. Your honesty, sense of humor and strong faith will touch many. Have a great walk today

  2. Bob . I am enjoying your pilgrimage diary and pictures. Sorry about “no gloves”. Did you get upper or lower bunk? What no mention of food yet? Where are most of your companions from ? Ages?rIn a message dated 4/26/2014 8:20:50 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,

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