🎼Sardines and mussels and pulpo and anchovies these are a few of my favorite things🎼

Stage 6 Torres del Rio to Logroño – Food addition vol. I. But first the walk today was just over 20km, so no big deal and a nice break from yesterday. It was a little hillier then I expected but that’s just fine 😳😬. I hate to tell those of you in CT dealing with so much rain – the weather was beautiful, cool and sunny (my favorite). I have a great little place to lay my head tonight so I am looking forward to going to bed soon. Long day tomorrow but I am ready 💪🏼🤞🏼🤪.

Ok, enough of all that – who cares, you shouldn’t.

Logroño is known for its food and wine, being the cultural center and largest city of the Rioja region. For those who don’t know, Rioja is the finest wine in Spain (IMHO) and one of my favorites in the world of wine. If you haven’t experienced good Rioja wine do some research and report back.

Today I decided to avoid meat, which is a colossal challenge in Spain. So today I am sticking with seafood as my protein source (I know dad, you can get protein from non meat sources but that’s just boring, my dad’s vegan (what the hell?)). Here are some pics of what I discovered, ate and enjoyed. The best was the salad with the pulpo, toasted pine nuts, parmigiana reggiano and balsamic vinegar – this is defently getting recreated at home, but I’ll grill the octopus.

Enjoy – I did – Peace

5 thoughts on “🎼Sardines and mussels and pulpo and anchovies these are a few of my favorite things🎼

  1. Was that all one meal , Bob? Looked good. I like riojo wine. Was happy to be back to worship at St. James’s last Sunday, after more that a month away. Happy traveling.Judy

  2. Hi Bob, Have truly enjoyed your journey, have decided to copy/forward to family & close Episcopal Friends. Am sure you don’t mind, if so please let me know ASAP. (Grin, Your Aunt Jeanne’s humor.)

    We’re doing OK, Pam’s MS isn’t giving her too many problems, Fibermalga more troublesome! Your Uncle Warren’s 90th Birthday coming up 10/23, is showing signs of some memory problems. Me, well other than good old Arthritis, which gives too many aches & pains to please this Ole Gal, (could be much worse, for sure) is managing with most days needing help from Uncle Warren & Pam. I Thank God for them both every day.

    When do you get home, haven’t seen anything from you in a few days so wonder if you are already back in Good Old Connecticut?

    Gods Peace Bobby (oops Fr. Bob) 🙂
    My Love and Prayers,
    Aunt Jeanne

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